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fuck california

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new to the community... [Mar. 12th, 2005|11:28 pm]
fuck california


hey i'm stephanie...

i'm a poet. seriously. i can take pictures, it's just not photography. but i write poems to make up for my lack of photographic ability. my pen is the camera, and my words are the picture.

critique it, be harsh, i don't mind. honesty gets me further than complimenting my work if you hate it.

i, the blank canvas awaiting your delicate pen,
with pressure and precision you'll tear into
me like an author with a purpose, a poet with a praise
a photographer with a dark room that's been closed up for days.

and i'll be the soft silhouette dancing across your walls
when the lights are off and the camera's rolling.
the hands that are held under parted trees
when the lover's we'll never be decide to go strolling.


dark nights i sit at my window;
half out, moreso in, afraid to fall into the world.

i watch for your car to drive by,
and it won't matter which one it is,
just as long as it has a gallon of gas and headlights.

as you drive for minutes on end,
my head is racing for hours to defend
just the way my heart beats to think
and i can't say i'm not on the brink

of flying out that window, holding onto your words
just as the hands would drop me out to fall.


i'll be your pin-striped blazer without shoulder pads,
your own definition will be just enough;
to prove the point of how suave you are.

your eyes proved to be the new ole blue eyes with a hazel tinge,
we'll surely learn to dance when you're done with lips that cringe.

the open ended sentences you never leave ajar for discussion
and the way my heart beats in sync to your music's percussion,
i'll find my own lyrics and continue to keep you warm.
because whats a night without music, and a blazer without a storm.


tell me what you think. thanks!